New Products

10 November, 2017

FIT Cosmetics launches New 5 Effect Dr.Kool – Optimal product for Vietnamese families.

FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company has launched the new 5 effect Dr. Kool toothpaste. With the launch of this new line, FIT Cosmetics is gradually realizing […]
5 September, 2017

Biological Dishwashing Liquid – Gift For The Housewives

Tero biological dishwashing liquid is appreciated by many housewives for quality after they experienced the product. The main reason why they love this type of dishwashing […]
22 August, 2017


On August 3rd, 2017, at the office of FIT Group JSC – 5th floor, Times Tower Building – HACC1, 35 Le Van Luong, FIT Consumer Joint […]
4 July, 2017

Dr Kool Herbal First Launching

FIT Consumer launched Dr.Kool Herbal with the goal of achieving VND 8 billion in sales, which accounts for 15% of brand Dr.Kool’s sales in 2017. In […]
1 July, 2017

DCL Changes New Label For Panalgan Products

In August 2017, Panalgan products of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – a member of FIT Group was officially launched to the market in the […]
4 April, 2017

Tero is the first brand to launch both laundry washing and fabric softener product to market

Following the success of product branded Tero, FIT Consumer continue to launch new products as Tero fabric softener along with Tero laundry product recently launched in […]
13 February, 2017

FIT Consumer has launched Tero neutral wahsing water

Following the success of Tero biological dishwater, FIT Consumer continues to launch Tero neutral washing water with the aim to expand market share in the home […]
2 December, 2016

NuWhite Spa aggressively promotioned in Hanoi and HCMC

To introduce NuWHITE Spa shower gel to numerous consumers, FIT Consumer has stepped up promotional activities and promotional products in major supermarkets in Hanoi and HCMC. The […]
23 November, 2016

Danh Thanh Cola was officially launched

Another new product of Danh Thanh brand has been launched in November by FIT Consumer with named Danh Thanh Cola. With the launch of Danh Thanh […]