New Products

12 September, 2018

FIT Beverage: Explode refreshment, filled with Delightful Joy by Danh Thanh – New Sarsi Flavor

Owning diversified products, to meet different needs of consumers, FIT Beverage is gradually proving its position in the Vietnamese beverage market.
5 September, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN Glass Cleaner – you’re your glass top shine like new

OCLEEN Glass Cleaner is a handy product that removes smears on all kinds of glasses such as clear glass, blur glass, mirror or glassware, formica and stainless steel.
29 August, 2018

Tasty and fresh, full of incredible energy with Danh Thanh new flavor – passion fruit

In August, 2018, in addition to iMen product, FIT Beverage has also improved the formula of Danh Thanh mineral fruit juice – passion fruit flavor to be tastier, more delicious covered by new packaging with more eye-catching design.
22 August, 2018

FIT Beverage: The impressive return of iMen Minerals

In August, 2018, iMen officially got the new look with new packaging and new improved formula: more delicious, more refreshing and stronger power.
9 August, 2018

OCLEEN Bathroom Cleaner – Make your bathroom spotless in just a glance

Using OCLEEN Bathroom Cleaner with Super Clean formula will help housewives clean the bathroom efficiently, save time, and keep the bathroom shining and spotless.
13 July, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN multi-purpose cleansing spray – Challenges stubborn stains

OCLEEN Multi-purpose Cleansing Spray with Super Clean Cleansing Technology from FIT Cosmetics will definitely be an effective and convenient solution for housewives.
6 July, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: Rosy Room Spray – Convenient solution for modern life

Rosy room spray - a powerful tool for the ladies to deodorize inside the car or the room of the house, is an effective solution to take care of family in today's modern life. .
11 June, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner- Remarkable cleaning power thanks to Super Clean technology.

OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner- a product from the OCLEEN lines of FIT Cosmetics contains a remarkable cleaning power that clear bad stuff in your drains of toilet, bathroom sink up in no time, deliver you with a cleaning house.
16 May, 2018

Ready to get Impressed by new pair of Dr.Kool toothbrushes from FIT Cosmetics – “The hosttest” product for this summer

Are you ready to conquer a unique product, a product that you haven’t seen before? Now come out in "Summer 2018". If you still hesitate to try, these are the reasons why you cannot miss this new pair of toothbrushes.