New Products

30 May, 2019

Prevent summer flu with DCL Panalgan Flu

Summer sweltering weather, with the use of air conditioning, has made a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, which is one of the causes of […]
21 March, 2019

DCL Glucosamin 500mg reduces knee osteoarthritis symptoms

Osteoarthritis, especially of the knee is gradually becoming popular not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. Glucosamin has been proven by scientists as being effective in […]
19 March, 2019

Danh Thanh Cola natural mineral water – more choices for Cola lovers

Danh Thanh Cola 100% natural mineral water with Cola flavor brings more choices for consumers in Vietnam. With the launch of Danh Thanh Cola, FIT Beverage […]
28 February, 2019

Dr. Kool Panda Clean Toothbrush: Keep children teeth strong and shiny

Oral hygiene in early age has an important impact on the oral health of children until adulthood. Therefore, choosing the right type of toothbrush, encouraging children […]
20 February, 2019

Why should we use pure cold pressed Gac oil?

Cold pressed gac oil developed by Can Tho Techno – Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock Company (TSC) retains the concentration of powerful antioxidants in Gac fruit which […]
15 February, 2019

Convey the message, send your love by NuWhite gift box on the occasion of 8/3

NuWhite’s Gift box from FIT Cosmetics JSC will be a special present convey the message of love to women on the occasion of March 8 this […]
13 February, 2019

Vikoda Drink – the combination of Bird’s Nest Drink and natural mineral water proven to benefit the users’ health

Thanks to the rich nutritional value and great benefits to human health, in recent years, Bird’s Nest is gradually becoming one of the popular foods among […]
2 January, 2019

FIT Beverage to introduce Vikoda Korean Ginseng Bird’s Nest Drink

After nearly 2 months since the release of Vikoda Bird’s Nest, FIT Beverage has continued to introduce to market a more advanced version of Bird’s Nest […]
25 December, 2018

Westfood canned fruit – Step by step to conquer the global market

Manufactured on advanced technology production lines from standard raw materials, Westfood’s canned fruit products have conquered difficult markets such as Europe, America, Japan, Australia and South […]