New Products

30 October, 2020

Doctor Ton That Toan: Vikoda owns great health effects

Visiting Khanh Hoa – a land with many valuable products such as bird’s nest, incense or marine specialties. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the […]
12 October, 2020

Living standardly every day with the new product hand sanitizer – Dr.Cleanex.PRO

Recently, FIT Cosmetis (FCO) has launched hand sanitizer brand Dr.Cleanex.PRO. This is considered a product to protect the health of people as well as their whole […]
21 August, 2020

VIKODA – ALKALINE healthy and pioneering green lifestyle

Vikoda just launched the product VIKODA – ALKALINE with dual benefits that are both good for health and contribute to environmental protection. Alkaline is a type […]
4 June, 2020

NuWhite shower gel welcoming summer with bright, radiant skin

Using NuWhite shower gel regularly will help women save their skin from the troubles called summer days. In the summer, women often face many problems with […]
27 May, 2020

VikoNest bird’s nest soup – a nutritious source from nature

Thanks to its rich nutritional value and great benefits for human health, VikoNest bird’s nest soup – a nutritious drink from nature has always been highly […]
8 May, 2020

Most consumers are confused between the concepts of natural mineral water and pure water. Without understanding, it is difficult for the consumer to distinguish between mineral […]
23 April, 2020

The return of Sumo Mineral Energy Drink – The only line of product manufactured on natural mineral base

Researched and developed from rare and valuable mineral water of Danh Thanh, Sumo mineral energy drink with typical and delicious flavor, healthy and suitable for the […]
21 April, 2020

The outstanding merits of Hand.Clean non-water hand washing gel

Having its own exceptional advantages, right from the time of launching, Dr.Clean non-water hand washing gel has shortly become a sought-after & popular product. Within the […]
16 April, 2020

Vikoda Soda – The primary natural soda water in Vietnam

Launched in late January 2020, Soda is the following label to the merge the list of products branded Vikoda – natural mineral water brand owning the […]