New Products

13 July, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN multi-purpose cleansing spray – Challenges stubborn stains

OCLEEN Multi-purpose Cleansing Spray with Super Clean Cleansing Technology from FIT Cosmetics will definitely be an effective and convenient solution for housewives.
6 July, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: Rosy Room Spray – Convenient solution for modern life

Rosy room spray - a powerful tool for the ladies to deodorize inside the car or the room of the house, is an effective solution to take care of family in today's modern life. .
11 June, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner- Remarkable cleaning power thanks to Super Clean technology.

OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner- a product from the OCLEEN lines of FIT Cosmetics contains a remarkable cleaning power that clear bad stuff in your drains of toilet, bathroom sink up in no time, deliver you with a cleaning house.
16 May, 2018

Ready to get Impressed by new pair of Dr.Kool toothbrushes from FIT Cosmetics – “The hosttest” product for this summer

Are you ready to conquer a unique product, a product that you haven’t seen before? Now come out in "Summer 2018". If you still hesitate to try, these are the reasons why you cannot miss this new pair of toothbrushes.
18 April, 2018

New OCLEEN set – Always keep your home clean

F.I.T Cosmetics has just launched the OCLEEN set – for long-lasting clean and cool house. In our home, bacteria are hiding everywhere, if you do not […]
15 March, 2018

FIT Cosmetics launches “Giving Gifts – Sending Love” gift box on the occasion of 8/3

On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8th, FIT Cosmetics has launched NuWHITE Gift Box - "Giving Gifts - Sending Love".
6 February, 2018

Dr. Kool Junier with new banana flavor – Taking care of the children’s dental health

Following the success of of Dr. Kool Junior toothpaste with orange and strawberry flavor, Fit Cosmetics has just launched the new Dr.Kool Junior with banana flavor […]
25 January, 2018

New Dr. Clean Bio Hand Gel protects the health of the users

FIT Cosmetics has officially launched its new Dr.Clean Bio Antibacteria Hand Gel which is not only handy but also safe for hand skin and health of […]
23 January, 2018

FIT Cosmetics launches Rocket Gold insecticide with a brand new design

FIT Cosmetics, a member of the FIT Group, has launched a brand new Rocket Gold Mosquito Spray with a brand new ingredient and remarkable effect. Dengue […]