New Products

25 October, 2019

Danh Thanh carbonated drink with lemon flavor on top picks for years

Vikoda’s soda drink with lemon flavor provides several minerals that are good for health, supports weight loss and congestion as well as supplies canxi for consumer. […]
22 October, 2019

FIT Cosmetics keeps Vietnamese children’s teeth healthy

Dr.Kool Kids, a type of toothpaste for kids by FIT Cosmetics (FCO) has been a favorite choice and highly appraised by local customers for its high […]
25 September, 2019

The superiority of neutral detergent Tero

Right from its launch, Tero neutral laundry detergent with PH = 7 helps soften the fabric, cleans deeply penetrates and especially does not harm the hands […]
9 September, 2019

Vikoda mineral water glass bottle leads the trend of environmental protection

Immediately after its launch in mid-August, Vikoda mineral water glass bottle of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company received great attention from public. Recognizing the […]
9 August, 2019

PANAGAL – 5 golden principles to get rid of “Fear of the seasonal weather”

Flu is a disease when seasonal weather occurs. During this period, our body is very sensitive due to changing factors of weather. It is crucial to […]
30 May, 2019

Prevent summer flu with DCL Panalgan Flu

Summer sweltering weather, with the use of air conditioning, has made a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, which is one of the causes of […]
21 March, 2019

DCL Glucosamin 500mg reduces knee osteoarthritis symptoms

Osteoarthritis, especially of the knee is gradually becoming popular not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. Glucosamin has been proven by scientists as being effective in […]
19 March, 2019

Danh Thanh Cola natural mineral water – more choices for Cola lovers

Danh Thanh Cola 100% natural mineral water with Cola flavor brings more choices for consumers in Vietnam. With the launch of Danh Thanh Cola, FIT Beverage […]
28 February, 2019

Dr. Kool Panda Clean Toothbrush: Keep children teeth strong and shiny

Oral hygiene in early age has an important impact on the oral health of children until adulthood. Therefore, choosing the right type of toothbrush, encouraging children […]