F.I.T is an effective investment firm which raises benefits of shareholders by its series of various consultant products, qualified portfolio and professional staff.



F.I.T acknowledges that making and realizing commitments to individuals and to our firm are the core value to build successful habitants.

At F.I.T, the commitment “I, we commit to perceive clearly and to reach goals” is deeply understood and adhered by every members when taking up tasks.

For every individual in F.I.T, it is a commitment firstly to herself/himself with the own honor and responsibility; and secondly to the whole organization that: “I clearly understand and realize my responsibility to finish works together with other members.”

Making commitments raises the sense of initiative, braveness and power of F.I.T’s members so that they will be more responsible for work as well as be more united in realizing commitments.


OGSM is a mechanism which helps F.I.T build up and raise the power of the whole company, from staffs of and affiliates to leaders. With the mechanism, the firm can reach to a united and sustainable development in the past, present and future.

OGSM includes: Objective – main targets; Goals – specific goals for every year to ensure main targets; Strategies include specific activities to ensure goals; Measurements for carrying out strategies.


Operation of OGSM in F.I.T

– Being united to follow the core belief “F.I.T is an effective investment firm which raises benefits of shareholders by its series of various consultant products, qualified portfolio and professional staff”.

– Setting up goals for every year to ensure the main targets. The goals are set up beyond the existing sources.

– Outlining strategies and plans which focus on how to reach main targets consistently and effectively without wasting sources and time.

– Building up measurements for management, supervision, assessment as well as adjusting plans in time.

At F.I.T, OGSM of the firm, departments and individuals are set up at the beginning of year. Every year, the firm hosts two OGSM Days. The first one is held at the beginning of year to assess and popularize OGSMs so that every member can clearly understand about its targets and plans for the year. The second day is held at the middle of year to assess and supervise the execution of OGSM in order to adjust in time.